I like this. A lot. It comes from an Indian Guru (a real guru, not a gooroo) on what he thinks the Indian cricketers need to do when they play.

“They shouldn’t play for India. They shouldn’t play for the nation. They shouldn’t play for diplomacy. They must just whack the ball to the boundary”

On a another cricket note I wrote about Adam Gilchrist who was taught by his father to “… just hit the ball now”. Just brilliant!

Compare that to an Aussie Olympic swimmer who was potentially distracted by Twitter when she was favourite for the gold medal. Not sure where to even start with this one.

Now to golf. If you’ve been changing clubs, tweaking your swing, analysing your handicap and worried about your score and still not playing how you’d like, then maybe it’s time to “whack” that ball.

When it comes to playing the game a simple approach will work better. Hitting the ball is what it’s about and this mindset will clear the clutter and set you on a better path.