Straight up, I’m no artist. I can’t draw to save myself and was definitely last in line when they handed out artistic ability. I remember when I was in primary school, the teacher (her name was Mrs Phillips) ripped apart my attempt in the class colouring in competition. That moment probably still haunts me and one reason I have never seriously attempted artistic endeavours. I’m pretty sure Phillips never won any teacher of the year awards either.

There’s no doubt I’m a little jealous of those that can draw. My twin brother has always been gifted when it comes to the arty side and making stuff. I suppose sports have always been my thing. Then there’s Sam…

Sam bought my book the other day and wrote to me about his success (see the story here). Not only is Sam a very good golfer, he has an amazing ability to draw (it’s almost unfair isn’t it?). He has just sent me this caricature.

Sam has been very kind to me. He has added some extra hair and taken a few kilograms off. Thanks Sam.

If you’re looking for a unique gift then Sam Villareale is your man. He offers a range of services and can create something special for that person who has everything. Check out his website for the full story – you’ll probably get some ideas and it would be great if you could support a fellow Automatic Golfer.

Sam Villareale – the talented one