For some time now I’ve said that “the walk to the golf ball” is the most important part of the swing.

There’s good reason for this. If you can’t walk properly, then you’ll never be able to make good use of your skills. You’ll never be able to automate your golf swing and you’ll find consistent, reliable and predictable results impossible.

A key part of the approach to the ball is where your eyes look. It’s such a small part of the routine that it doesn’t get a run in any other golf instruction. But it’s important. Actually, where your eyes focus is a key fundamental of the routine.

Here’s why.

You don’t want to be visualising when you’re walking to the ball. Visualising is taking your mind into the future. Going into the future is no better than thinking about the past. If you don’t get this you’ll always struggle with your game. Automatic golf is all about getting your system in the present. You want to be in the moment – your thoughts in the “now”.

And one of the easiest ways to do this is to focus your eyes on the ball. When you’re walking to the ball your gaze is set on the ball or somewhere around it. You’re not looking at the target and therefore you’re not tempted to get ahead of yourself and start thinking about the future.

This little strategy allows you to get into your own cocoon or bubble. It’s like you’re shutting out the rest of the world when you’re ready to get down to business – hitting the ball/playing golf.

I have put some videos that talk about the walk to the ball and getting set in more detail. There’s even a case study or two. Best you check them out because they are really important:

Let me know your thoughts.