At it’s heart, automatic golf is really simple. You turn up, clear your mind, choose a club and then go hit the ball.

Any golfer can do this.

But it can be hard. Your Pesky mind likes to jump in and ensure you don’t get carried away. Plus there’s the plentiful noise and distractions. You need to embrace this and realise it’s all part of the show.

And for best results you need to go further. You need to get in tune with your feelings and emotions – you might even have to ask yourself some tough questions;

– how do I feel?
– what’s my mind doing?
– what have I learned?
– am I awake?

Breakthroughs only come to those who are prepared to go deeper. And for most, you need to stop seeing automatic golf as a quick fix, it’s has to be a new way of approaching the game. It takes commitment, reflection and self-assessment. But most of all it takes courage to turn up and play free from fear. You have to be brave enough to enter the arena and play like you mean business. And you can’t do it once – you’ve got to keep hitting the repeat button no matter what the outcome. Then, and only then, will you experience something remarkable.