Automatic golf will allow you to play your best golf. Your learning system will guarantee it.

But there is a problem. And that is golfers have been conditioned to think so much about technique that when it’s absent they lose trust in automatic. This is something that I’m continually fighting.

But automatic golf doesn’t mean you completely forget about your technique. Golf technique, swing advice and corrections will always play a part in your golf development. The puzzle is knowing when and how to apply that technique.

Here’s the deal.

You must learn to automate your golf game first. You then have a solid base to work from. It’s this early patience that unlocks your natural tendencies and shows you exactly what you should work on. Doing it any other way makes improvement extremely difficult.

From here it’s a matter of making any changes instinctive and automatic.

Fully grasping the magic of automatic gives you the best of both worlds. You’re able to play your best golf consistently and still make continual improvements.

What more could a golfer want?