It’s important that your find your groove. Another way of saying this is finding your natural golf swing.

This means that you’ve got to find (and use) the golf swing that feels good to you. More importantly, it means you’ve got to use the golf swing that works.

So if your natural shot is a fade (or a baby slice) then this is your shot. Use it. Don’t aim for the middle of the fairway. Have the guts to aim left and let your natural shot shape find the target.

Too many golfers aim straight. Hoping against all hope that the ball will fly straight and true. It’s not going to happen. And you’ll never be truly be able to swing with confidence. You’re fighting nature and it’s a fight that you’ll never win.

A myth is that tour players hit the ball straight. They don’t. Because they are playing for a living they play with the shot that has the highest probability of finding the target. For the most part they’re not concerned about others and distracted by ego. So they hit shots that curve – rarely do they play straight.

And one last thing.

You can only find your groove when you swing freely. And the best way to do this is to play automatically.