Golfers have been struggling with improvement for over 100 years. There has been so much written about golf improvement that it would be impossible to read it all. Being an avid reader and golf fan, I’ve worked my way through many articles, books, websites and videos in the hope to understanding golf and golf learning better.

I believe there is a problem with modern coaching. There’s too much emphasis on technique and swing and not enough training, learning or understanding on teaching golfers to play.

Too many golfers worry and concern themselves with swing technique when they play. This doesn’t work. We perform very few skills on a daily basis with concern or worry about how to do them. We just do them. Golf is a different story and the reason a vast majority of golfers struggle and find golf difficult.

When you learn to play golf with the same mindset and approach as say driving a car, you open up the possibilities for stellar play and peak performance. Although many golfers understand this – they don’t fully grasp the concept. This is unfortunate.

And you can’t just read about this mindset in a book (or on a website) and expect it to take affect. If you want to play better golf you need to get out there and put the automatic principle into action. Reading about it and understanding it internally is not enough. You have to own it and physically do it.

This one step is where most golfers let themselves down. They get lazy or simply forget about what they are doing. They wander around aimlessly for their entire golf life. Sure, they shoot some good scores from time to time – but they NEVER experience consistent and reliable golf scores.

After coming full circle myself (I have tried every technique and gimmick available), I would never give what I have now for some airy fairy instructional tip or swing theory. I truly own my golf swing and for the most part can play at a consistent level. This is despite not practicing and working on improving my golf skills.

The road to golf improvement is fraught with danger. There are so many theories and concepts available that it can be hard to know where to start. Worse still, most golf advice focuses on technique alone – preferring the quick fix approach over reliable and solid instructions. This is what makes learning a better game so difficult. Golfers simply don’t know that there is an easier and more effective approach to finding a consistent golf game.

If you have tried everything to improve your golf but still can’t seem to climb out of the golfing doldrums then you should put your trust in your own innate talent and ability. This is Mother Nature’s way – it works time after time and gives you more than just a better golf game. You’ll experience consistency, mastery and total euphoria! If you can ride a bike, drive a car and throw a ball you posses all the talent necessary to become a better golfer.

You have to actually get out there and experience it! Reading alone will not provide enough clues and inspiration for success – it’s the first step but it’s not the last.

Good luck and good golfing,

Cameron Strachan