It took me a while to understand the automatic process. Along the way I accidentally stumbled onto the correct mindset only to not believe in it or try some other quick-fix that led to poor performance.

But I got there in the end.

One thing that assisted in my progress was having what I call an “ignorant mind”.

Where I used to worry about what other people would think, I learned to ignore those distracting thoughts and get on with my game.

Like most golfers, I would always struggle playing with better players. My mind was constantly being distracted by with thoughts like, “I hope I play well” and “don’t stuff up”.

It was this mindset that always caused me problems. As a result I would never play well in big events and this led to untold amounts of frustration.

Learn to ignore those distracting thoughts and you’ll find a breakthrough in your game. An ignorant mind makes you virtually bullet proof to pressure. You’ll also gain an advantage over other golfers who will almost always let stray thoughts disrupt their game.

An ignorant mind places you in a cocoon – oblivious to outside distractions. And it’s this mindset that will allow you to play your best golf, no matter what situation you find yourself in.