Golf has been my passion for 25 years. But last year it was like BB King says,”the thrill is gone.” How can I get that feeling back for the game?

Here’s my take:

You’ve gotta stop thinking so much and trying so hard to swing correctly. It’s time for you to take a deep breath and swing the club in a way that truly satisfies you. There is no right and wrong here – you’re the captain of your own game and you’re free to play how you want.

In my experience, traditional instruction focuses too much on technique and we become “swing bound”. Long term this kills our enjoyment, enthusiasm and passion. If we’re not careful it’s possible to lose our best golfing years.

So get outside and play how you want. You might just surprise yourself.

This website contains lots of lessons and insight and hopefully gives you the courage to truly play the game. You have permission, it’s now over to you.