Scotty is a legend. He looks at golf instruction from a different perspective. He thinks us golfers are a crazy lot and need to back our learning capabilities more.

Last week he sent the below quote to me. I wasn’t expecting it but it rocked me – maybe the best quote I’ve seen in relation to the madness of the golf swing technique obsession.

“Typical golf coaches are so full of themselves they think they can change how someone’s body moves, and that the golfer needs them to remodel their swing to be able to play and enjoy themselves. So egocentric. Immature.….”

Scott says that it came to him when reading this article about Sean Foley. Scott said, “Some great ideas in there except for the typical “swing” stuff. It’s like they know that there’s more to the game than the golf swing but they can’t break away from it”.

Interestingly Tiger Woods has terminated Foley’s coaching arrangement. It still amazes me that Tiger thinks he needs a swing coach. I wish he would forget all the positions and attempting to improve upon perfection and just go hit that damn ball! Play Tiger, play!