If you’ve been around here long you’ll know I don’t get to play that much golf.

Clare, my CEO of Everything, runs a pretty tight ship and we’re very busy with kids, kids sport and the general chaos that is our life.

But I do keep myself in half-handy golf shape and this involves hitting balls (most days) into my home net set up.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I definitely miss the odd day, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll hit balls for at least 10-15 minutes.

Side note: If you want some more info on my setup please reply to this email.

What this allows me is the luxury to be able to drive to the golf course and have some sort of clue I know I can make decent contact with the ball.

If you were to look at me, I probably don’t look that athletic. I definitely am carrying a few extra kilos (I’m working on that part) and I’ve certainly lost some flexibility …

… but many peeps seem surprised when I step up and whack that ball.

Earlier in the year I played in a corporate event and I had one of those days where the driver was coming off really well. And my host said after a few holes:

“Shit mate! This isn’t your first rodeo – you can certainly hit that ball”.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got to play back in Melbourne for my 50th birthday bash celebrations.

And it was great to catch up with some of my old mates and have a hit. It was a lot of laughs and scoring and trying to break course records WAS NOT the goal.

On the 9th hole – a hole that measured 370m (405 yards) from the member tees – I let rip.

And I flushed it. The ball came right out of the screws and I said something to my Uber-competitive mate like,

“Catch that one champ”.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it when we noticed a ball on the front third of the green. I didn’t believe it could possibly be mine…

… but it was.

And sure, the hole is a bit downhill and it was certainly downwind, but it’s not that normal for me to hit a 365 (399 yards) metre drive in any conditions.

I then proceeded to totally stuff up the putting part. I was probably a little bit too pumped and hit the eagle try way too hard. The ball did hit the edge of the hole but was going too fast and I missed the comebacker.

But it was still a lot of fun and like I said – it wasn’t a competitive round and the score was not a priority.

When it comes to the golf swing and extra power, I’ve probably spent more time on this than anything else the last few years. Yep, I talk a lot about putting and coach many golfers from all over the globe on that…

… but golf swing is still a huge part of golf is of interest to many,

I am always getting asked things like;

Can you help me with my swing?
What’s the best golf swing to use?
How can I hit the ball further?
Why do I slice and how can i fix it?
Are there any secrets to the swing?

It goes on and on.

The difference with my stuff is I believe I can help anyone OWN a better golf swing without needing to go down the technical instruction rabbit hole. I like to say,

Better Swing >> Less Effort

Plus, last year I added an entire new suite of info to my golf swing coaching package, that covers my fairly unique process for gaining distance from the tee.

I was sharing this info just the other day with one of my clients and he loved it. He actually said:

This is GOLD! You’ve really helped me take things up a few notches

Now you might not be able to drive the ball 399 yards – but then again you might (some of these young guys are so strong and have totally amazing swing speeds) – but I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up some extra yards. And this definitely helps to make golf more enjoyable and allows you to drop some strokes from your score.

And you don’t need to pick your swing apart, buy new drivers or even go to the gym (I hate the gym and haven’t been in years).

You can get your hands on my suite of golf swing learning products over here.

Check it out if you’re keen to find a way easier way of belting that ball from the tee.

Good golfing,

Cameron “399 yards” Strachan

P.S. The 399 yard drive probably wasn’t my best shot on the day. On the 11th, I struck my brand new driving iron nearly 300m to the edge of a short par 4. That shot was particularly pleasing because my so called mates had spent the previous 10 minutes giving me a hard time about being 50 and way too old to play decent golf.

Find out my winning strategy for hitting longer shots over here