Phil’s greatest coaching gift to his son was not to cloud his mind with technique, but keep his swing simple and natural.

Phil claimed golf’s greatest champions all had an innate natural “feel”, and he wanted to liberate his son’s instincts, not stifle them.

And so a swing that is golf’s version of a silk scarf flowing in the breeze was born, and off he went to become a junior world champion at 17.

This text is as important as anything that appears on this site. It comes from a Herald Sun article and is in reference to Phil Scott, Adam’s dad. Here’s why it’s so important…

… when you can learn to swing naturally and instinctively first, this then becomes your default mode. So if you ever get stuck or lose your game you can more easily revert back to your “feel”. This is the only way to keep your game on track and avoid the mishaps that can come when you try and fix your technique. Your natural swing is also something that will hold your game together when the pressure is on. Artificial swings not so much.

Another important point: Making changes to your game is infinitely easier when you have a natural swing as a reference point. You can take on board small amounts of instruction and apply them to your swing with great results. You tend to work WITH your swing and NOT against.

A huge problem with lots of modern golf coaching is the belief that we need to build the perfect technique first. This absolutely stifles development and destroys flow. Ugly, tight and awkward swings tend to be the result. Swing the club first. Let it flow from start to finish and you’ll be in great shape. Then, if you so desire, add some technique later – but never the other way around.