Playing the game is most important – when you play the game your technique will improve anyway.

This is something that is often overlooked or ignored by many. Most try and separate golf into play and practice (think technique). So golf gets broken down into two distinct parts and from here the game gets difficult (impossible might be a better word). What happens most of the time is the technique part of your golfing brain pulls rank and dominates your thought. Poor, inconsistent, weak and horrible play is the normal result.

Understanding that playing not only gives you the best chance of succes (consistency, power and lower scores amongst other things) but also allows your technique to improve is a revelation. You don’t need to expend vasts amount of energy on things like,

What am I doing wrong?
How do I hit the ball?
What was that thing the golf pro told me?

Instead, you can focus on these,

How far away is the target?
What club do I need?
Let’s hit the ball there…

This is playing the game. Less thought and an objective based mindset. It works and leads to improvement in all areas of your golf game – it’s also far less taxing.

The technique based way way is popular but I’m willing to bet has let you down. The hardest choice is deciding whether you want to play the game or remained hypnotised on your technique.