The more simply you approach playing golf the better you’ll do.

Problems arise when you make a mistake and Pesky wants to assert his power. The normal thing (what you’re probably doing now) is to think and try and work out what you’re doing wrong. This is complicated. It takes effort and almost always leads to you jumping from thing to thing. It fails.

Automatic golf makes a complicated task as easy as it’s going to be. Each step is simple and easy to follow and maximises the chances of you achieving success.

And don’t confuse simple with ineffective. The automatic process works because it takes something detailed and gives you a method of executing successfully. Also, simple in this case is definitely not a quick fix or some kind of magic.

Here are the main steps:

Einsteining allows you to think, panic and worry without affecting the outcome – this is ideal for those technocrats that struggle to “stop thinking” and like to analyse every detail of each shot.

The walk to the ball ensures your remain in the zone and avoid distractions – this part of the swing I consider to be of most importance. Get the walk to the ball correct and you’re almost certain to avoid distractions (both internal and external) and make a good shot.

The Automatic Cue distracts you for the duration of the swing so self-doubt and fear have no way of interfering – this becomes your security blanket and “go to” guy on every shot you play.

None of these are hard to do. But because of their simplicity they’re easy to overlook and ignore. Golfers far and wide want to over think the game of golf and add unnecessary steps to the process. It’s these extra steps (and processes) that kill the simplicity of automatic golf.

My final point: If you’re ever in doubt take a simpler approach. Think less about what you’re doing. Take a deep breath, listen to your gut and walk up to the ball and hit it. I can almost guarantee you that all of the other garbage that you’ve been carrying around has been holding you back. Simple wins almost every time.