I woke up this morning thinking about golf stats. Probably need to get out more but there’s something else I wanted to add (I got inspiration from Steady here).

An automatic game will give you the most accurate stats available. Conscious play always throws a mixed bag of results you way. You never know what you’re going to get and your stats (if you keep them) will never be meaningful.

So if you want to keep golf statistics then here’s what I reckon;

1. Learn to automate first so you get data that at least gives you the correct picture.

2. Realise that stats are numbers. They are not the full story. Don’t get too bogged down on the numbers. Playing the game is most important.

3. Short game will always be important no matter what anyone tells you. I think chipping could be the most important part of the game for all.

4. Stats will always be interesting. Fascinating to know how many times you make birdie on par three holes shorter than 150 metres.

5. The most important golf statistic is, “what score did you shoot?”. There’s no hiding from that one.

I think I’m numbered out for now.