The lack of golf “banter: of recent times has been disappointing. Most of it is my fault for changing the website and not encouraging it enough. I also think we’ve all forgotten how important a learning tool it can be. Sharing thoughts, ideas and stories can help us all learn and improve.

If there was any doubt about its importance then check out Grayden’s comment from the previous post.

OK Banterers, let me share something I just learned….

I had my first hit yesterday after a LOOONG injury layoff. I knew when I came back I would have to swing differently if I was to avoid re-injuring my back.

I stood on the first tee, pressed the automatic button and swung my new swing, unsure what would happen because it felt so foreign to me. The result? A fresh air shot! Well, not quite but very nearly.

Because of what I’ve learned from Cameron over a number of years now I DIDN’T START ANALYZING. I teed it up again, pressed auto again and yep, ANOTHER near-freshy!

Maybe NOW I should pull my swing apart and start analyzing everything? No way. Been there, done that. Its a one way track to nowhere. I teed it up again, pressed auto yet again and just swung. This time it went. And I’m pleased to say things just got better as the round progressed.

The lesson I learned is this: NATURAL LEARNING will kick in and figure out whats going on if you DON’T PANIC and just keep swinging on auto. The little adjustments your body makes are subtle and often not even noticeable but its making them all the same. Trust your body. Its smarter than you are. Just keeping pressing auto and let your subconscious do what it does better than you. If you don’t know how to “go auto” or what “natural learning” is get Cameron’s book and start reading!

My thoughts: Grayden is spot on here. There is nothing else you can do after a few bad shots. Yep, getting worried and concerned are normal but you’ve sometimes got to break some rules and defy the norm. Get on with it and keep whacking the ball is all you can do anyway.

I’m playing my first game in 8 weeks this Friday and Grayden’s comments have been firmly planted in my mind. I’m not going to worry about swing, score or results. I’m going to play golf and have as much fun as possible.

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