The search for the perfect golf swing gets in the way of playing the game. Perfection should be reserved for the golf teacher and the analytical.

The problem is that nobody can agree on what is the best way. Should you swing on an upright plane or flat? Is a slower swing better than fast? Do you cock your wrists early or late? It’s all too confusing because there’s no definitive answer.

If playing your best (read: shooting the lowest score) is important to you then forget about perfection – you want your focus on playing the game. The conundrum here is that the less you think, worry and stress about achieving perfection, the better your swing becomes.

And the magic here is that you’re not compromising the fun part – getting outside and swinging the sticks. The golf course is where Remarkable lives and I think is the reason why we all play the game. The euphoria of that perfectly struck shot that finishes close to the hole is hard to beat – and does it really matter if you’re unsure if why it happened? Best to keep going and play the game.