Received the below from a reader this morning.

Golf is purely individual. It’s how YOU play the game, not someone else. It’s you who hits the ball, not your playing partner, your coach, or anyone else, but you. It’s how you play your game that makes your game work. Individuality, like Moe Norman, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, and so on.

If you want to play your best golf you’ve got to find YOUR best way. And I reckon that all these great golfers allowed their technique to find them. They might have fluffed around for a bit, but eventually, when they stopped looking, they found what they were ultimately looking for. A better golf game.

The hard part. The really hard part is to trust yourself long enough that you’ll find what’s best for you. Sadly, most of the industry seems hell bent on teaching you to adopt someone else’s technique. As a result, golf is just too hard for many. It’s one step forwards and two back. Pity, because the answer is usually a lot more closer than you’d ever think. And it’s very simple.