I think that every person has hidden potential within. So to some degree everyone is special. In saying that, some golfers are close to delusional with their own evaluation of their talents or learning capabilities.

Improving at golf is possible. With the right information and guidance anything is possible. However, you MUST be prepared to make changes and do some practice.

Some people will say to me, “Cameron, your system doesn’t work…I haven’t improved at all”. This is fine with me, I take no offence but usually I like to dig a little deeper. This helps me improve my understanding and ultimately my golf learning system.

When I’m in the mood, I’ll ask a few simple questions like;

“Have you read the entire program?”
“Have you learned to automate your golf game?”
“Have you managed to practice any of the concepts yet?”
“Have you played a minimum of three rounds with your natural swing?”
“Have you tried anything new at all?”

In most cases the answer to all is NO. I haven’t done any of that.

You can probably imagine my response. My clean version goes like this;

“You are not special. If you want to improve and get better you MUST follow the system. It works! Simply reading a few pages from a program or website does not guarantee you’ll get better. You are not special, follow the bloody system and then come back and talk to me!”

Many golfers expect miracles. I no longer think miracles exist, especially when it comes to learning a better golf game. I am happy to help any golfer improve his play. I feel I have gone the extra mile by providing so much free info on this site. But please don’t contact me and tell me this doesn’t work when you haven’t tried anything.

We all like to think we’re special when it comes to learning, but we’re not. The special people are the young ones. They are learning machines. Once we get to adulthood we lose the ability to learn properly…we think too much and stuff it up. My goal is to restore the child within you, and let you start playing the kind of golf you know you can…but please please please, follow the system!