Here’s an article from Mike Clayton that the golf traditionalists won’t like.

Sometimes you’re never going to please everyone but if you want to make an impact you’ve gotta step outside of the box.

With your golf game this means finding a way to hit the ball that suits you. Take Bubba. His swing (or attitude) will please very few gurus. But does it matter? I think not.

Clayton is a great course designer not because he tries to please everyone but because he thinks a bit (maybe a lot) differently from most. He’s not scared to do the stuff that feels important to him and he doesn’t lose focus with the odd naysayer.

This quote could definitely apply to how you play golf, not just course design:

We need to get away from the mentality that is bound by an inflexible handicap system that is ‘anti-elasticity’ as it tries to make an exact science out of something that is anything but an exact science.

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