Here’s a common scenario when implementing automatic golf for the first time.

You head to the golf course or practice fairway and swing away. You’re not concerned too much about your swing or technique. You’re happy to “free wheel” and see what you get.

And almost always what you get is good (or better than good). And here’s where the problem lies. If you’re an analytical type of person you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll want to analyse your performance:

What am I doing here?
Why is the ball going higher?
How am I hitting this draw?
It feels like I’m swinging slower…

The list could go on and on.

These thoughts disrupt the magic. To get full benefit you’ve got to keep swinging away without all the analysis. Yes, this is hard to do. You’ll be fighting with Pesky but this is exactly how you’ve got to play if you’re ever going to break out of a golfing rut.

My challenge is to last 15 minutes without the analysis. Give it a go and report back here with your findings. These 15 minutes are a lot harder than you think.