Golfers still think their golf swing is most important. It isn’t. When you’re thinking about your swing, you can’t be experiencing your best golf.

We might think we’re doing a really good job when we’re trying hard and thinking about things. But we’re not. Here’s a different way of looking at things.

Instead of trying hard and thinking lots, can you give golf your full attention? Attention is very different from trying. Way different.

Can you remain focussed for the duration of each shot?
Can you feel the club head throughout the swing?
Can you hear the club strike the ball?
Are you aware of all your feelings and emotions when you play?
Can you hear the birds, smell the grass and see the trees?

Because if you can do any of the above you are giving golf your full attention. And when you’re playing with attention you’ll be playing in the moment. And it’s this state of mind that will allow you to play better. And don’t think for a minute that attention means you’re analysing what it is you’re doing. Nope. Attention is just being aware of what is happening – you’re not judging or thinking. I call this “playing golf”.

It’s a magical state to get into. When you start giving up control for each part of your swing and start opening your senses to what is actually happening, strange things start to happen.

– you’ll hit the ball more consistently
– you’ll learn more (you probably won’t even notice anything except for better shots and scores)
– you’ll experience greater enjoyment
– your swing will improve (yep, and you won’t even have to think about it)

You may even wonder why you’ve made golf so hard for so long. All that thinking really does make golf a bore (and bloody hard).

As 2011 draws to a close, see if you can play golf with more attention in 2012 and report back here with your findings.

Thanks for reading and good golfing in ’12,