why golfers dont play as well as they should

A free report that is the ideal starting place for those looking to get more from their golf instruction

This is the title of my report that introduces you to my philosophies and coaching concepts. It also gives you some of my backstory and highlights why I’m so passionate about the golf improvement process.

I have reworked this title a few times and even added a nice graphic. It’s an important document for those starting out on this site and it will now be featured more prominently. If you haven’t read it you can do so by signing up here – I ask you to sign up because there’s some follow-up material that walks you through the content.

If you have already signed up for it previously then you can download it directly from this link. The document is a PDF (300kb) and is ideal to be printed out and read at a time convenient – or you can read it right away from your device.

The main goal of this post is to create a space for everyone to leave their comments. Did you like it? Did it spur you to action? Did it make you take notice of your game? Has it pushed or challenged you in some way. Did you hate it?

Hopefully, we can have a lot of thoughts, ideas and comments for those starting out on the automatic golf journey and help inspire them in the right direction.

If you’ve read the report, then please leave your comments below.