Your golf handicap is a silly number. It shouldn’t mean too much but often golfers are distracted by the power of their handicap.

A menu is a representation of the food you’re about to eat. It’s not the food. The same with your golf handicap – it’s a very awkward attempt at rating a golfer’s game. But it’s not your game. Not even close.

Many golfers get obsessed with their handicap and the course rating. This obsession gets in the way to helping you find your real game. The distraction causes you to play safe – you’re not letting go because you’re too focused on something that has little or no meaning.

And here’s a paradox.

By forgetting (ignoring) your handicap and focusing on playing golf you’ll take care of your handicap. And the bonus here is that you’ll no longer be shackled and inhibited by that stupid number. You’ll break free and be ready to experience something remarkable.

Your golf handicap might give you bragging rights at a party but it has no positive affect on the golf course.

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